Workload and wellbeing tips

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‘Teachers need to know how to look after themselves. This may seem a simple and easy task; however, when faced with a multitude of teaching tasks, one of the areas all teachers can miss, is taking care of themselves’ (Turner and Braine 2016). At the start of your teaching career, it's a good time to establish habits that can help you effectively handle your teaching workload and take care of yourself so that your career in the profession is sustainable in the longer term. Take a moment to share your workload and wellbeing 'hacks' with one another; quick tips and tricks that help you to manage your wellbeing and workload effectively. If you’re just starting out we invite you to interact with the tips if you don’t feel ready to post your own. On the Padlet wall below, click on the pink cross to post your workload and wellbeing tips. How do you manage your time and your workload? How do you maintain your wellbeing throughout the school year, rather than just waiting for the holida

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    Mr David Paul Smith

    As a student teacher, it was great to read your tips in the Padlet above. I will be bookmarking so I can revisit regularly to check for updates. Thanks!

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