The Early Career Framework

The Early Career Framework (ECF) is a new two-year support package to replace the current one-year induction period for newly-qualified teachers, following on from their initial teacher training.  Early rollout is being offered for teachers starting their induction from September 2020, in 3 regions only and in selected other schools nationally, and the programme will then be rolled out nationally for all teachers starting their induction in September 2021.

The Early Career Framework lays out what all early career teachers are entitled to learn about and learn how to do during the two-year induction period, based on expert guidance and the best available research evidence.

Details about how the Early Career Framework was developed and the approach taken with it are included in an article on this Hub written by Cat Scutt, Director of Education and Research at the Chartered College of Teaching, who was part of the DfE advisory group involved in its development. 

Additionally, a collated list of links about the Early Career Framework on the main MyCollege site covers both policy information and views on the introduction of the Early Career Framework from the education sector.

The Early Career Framework references

Within the Early Career Framework, there is a list of references (included some suggested further reading) for each section. The links for each section have been collated into the lists below for your convenience.

The Teachers' Standards and the Early Career Framework

Critically, the Early Career Framework sets out an entitlement of support for new teachers, and is not to be used to assess them. The Teachers’ Standards will continue to be used to assess teachers completing their statutory induction period once the Early Career Framework is rolled out. 

DfE guidance explains that there will be no changes to statutory induction during the first year of early rollout. The development support package will last for 2 years but statutory induction during early rollout will continue to last for one year. After one year, NQTs will be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards to determine whether they have passed induction.

Once national roll-out begins in September 2021, early career teachers will continue to be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards but this will now take place at the end of the 2 year induction period.

The sections of the Early Career Framework are aligned to the Teachers’ Standards. The resources on this Early Career Hub are organised by the relevant ECF section and Teacher Standard. You can browse these sections below.

There is also a part of the Hub that looks at becoming a teacher more widely, including choosing a school and finding a job. Finally, there is a part with links to resources for teacher educators and others who are supporting early career teachers

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